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IMBA Course Descriptions

BA680: International Finance

This course provides concepts, tools and techniques that are needed to effectively analyze financial crises and how they affect multinational companies. The major focus of the course is financial markets, international monetary systems and foreign exchange risk management.

BA600: Leadership for Effective Organizations

This course studies the role that leadership plays in organizational success, with a focus on the importance of emotional intelligence in inspiring and motivating others. It explores the neuroscience research on the role of emotions in leadership behavior. Examines different organizational structures and frameworks with a focus on how leadership adapts to be successful in different organizations. There will be a significant focus on individual leadership where students will identify their own leadership aspirations, behaviors and styles.

BA530: Global Issues of Social Responsibility and Law

This course is an extensive examination of the major ethical issues and challenges facing today's global manager. With an overview of international trade law and an examination of the basic principles of business ethics, the student will evaluate the legal and social responsibility issues that are encountered in the international marketplace. Specifically the course will include the areas of contracts, intellectual property rights, product liability, employment issues, environmental concerns, and unfair/predatory business practices.

BA560: Managing in the Global Workforce

This course will provide concepts, tools and techniques that are needed to effectively manage a global workforce. The major focus for the course will be the roles and activities of the human resources department in managing a global workforce. A secondary focus will be the roles and activities of individual managers.

BA620: Managerial Economics

This course introduces the Managerial Economics as a multidisciplinary applied field within the science of Economics. It locates Man’s behavior in the context of organizational architecture, places the organization in the context of the structure of market forces and poses the markets in the context of macro-economic currents and trends overwhelming them.

BA580: Shareholder Value Management

This course is designed to help the student understand the role of managerial accounting in creating value for the organization. It shows how the internally generated accounting information is used as a basis for managerial decision-making. Topics covered will include the balanced scorecard, activity-based costing system, performance evaluation and cost-volume-profit analysis. The course also emphasizes how management planning and control can have behavioral (social) and ethical implications on the organization and the individuals involved.

BA540: Multinational Marketing

This course will examine the role of marketers in creating, communicating, and delivering value to its customers. Students will acquire an understanding of the needs of different customers (both domestic and foreign) and address global issues involving product positioning, development, pricing, distribution and promotion. SAP sessions in the computer lab will familiarize students with how organizations record and report information pertaining to their marketing efforts.

BA640: Operations and Technology

The course will provide students with knowledge, application of business technologies in support of operational management areas such as planning and execution. Learners will be exposed to key technologies such as ERP (SAP) and latest tools/techniques for achieving increased process integration, flexibility, agility. The course will utilize management case studies along with hands-on, team-oriented exercises to enable learners to improve operational effectiveness by using emerging technologies.

BA670: International Business experience

This course will focus on global organizational strategy. The students will participate in a travel experience. Viewing first-hand the environmental factors that influence business decision making will provide students a context for the development of global strategies. Site visits to organizations will permit students to learn about and discuss items related to organization strategy.

BA695: Global Strategic Management (Capstone course)

This capstone course will focus on the strategic management process and current practices of managers of multinational corporations. Various dimensions of decision-making will be considered with a focus on production, marketing, and financial issues. Students will gain an understanding of strategies suitable for conducting business in developing and developed economies by integrating their international experience and earlier coursework within the framework of theories and issues in strategic management.


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