Payment plans

Students may request to pay their tuition in monthly instalments. Please note that payment plans will not be granted concurrently with other forms of financial aid from the student's country (such as US Federal Aid) or from the school (such as scholarships).

The payment plan request wll be examined on a case-by-case basis. If approved, the student will provide several checks at the start of the program, which will be cashed according to the following schedules:

International Relations and Diplomacy Students  |  IMBA Students 



Payment plans for the International Relations and Diplomacy Programs

Fall semester

  • Day of registration

  • October 15

  • November 15

  • December 15

Spring semester

  • Day of registration

  • March 15

  • April 15

  • May 15

All four checks have to be handed on the registration day of the semester.

A flat payment plan fee of 75 euros is levied and has to be added to the first check for each semester.

Please note that payment plans cannot cover French courses at Alliance Française and will not be granted concurrently with other forms of school aid.



If this request is approved, tuition can be paid as follows :

  • € 500 on confirmation of the enrollment

  • € 6,800 on the first day of class.

  • €6,500 by mid-January

  • €6,500 by mid April

This includes a payment plan fee of 300 Euros for the entire one-year program.

For more information, contact the school's Financial Aid Officer at

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