Mariam Habibi, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor

Fields of expertise

  • Diplomatic History: French Diplomacy in the Middle East in the 20th century with an emphasis on Iran, British Diplomacy in the Middle East with an emphasis on the1950's in relation to Iran, Russian Diplomacy (turn of the century) in relation to Iran

  • The European Union

  • Twentieth century French History with an emphasis on topics such as immigration, colonialism (Africa) , Islam


  • Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), Doctorat en Histoire du XXème Siècle; D.E.A. Histoire du XXème Siècle

  • University of London, M.A. Contemporary European History

  • Lancaster University, BA Joint degree Economics & Politics

    Other current posts

    • Study Abroad Programs in Paris for:

      - New York University
      - University of California (Education Abroad Program)
      - University of Southern California
      - American University of Washington

    • Workshop Leader for the International Baccalaureate Program for The International Baccalaureate Organization and Inthinking

    Selected publications

    • L'interface France- Iran in L'Iran et la France Aujourd'hui, Hier et Demain (Europerse, 2008)

    • Interface France-Iran 1907-1938 : une diplomatie voilée (L'Harmattan 2004)

    • "France and the Anglo-Russian Accords: the discreet missing link" in Iran XLI 2003

    • "Mission Militaire Française en Iran"in Sociétés et Cultures Musulmanes d'hier et d'aujourd'hui (Numéro 10 Février 1996)

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    Ian Campbell USA
    M.A., School of International Relations
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    quote leftAGS has not only introduced and allowed me to explore the ideas of the scholars in the field, but also to explore my own ideas in the hopes that they become a part of the larger discipline.quote right

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