Mission Statement of the School of International Relations

The School of International Relations and Diplomacy endorses the AGS mission but also pursues its own discipline-specific mission.

It is dedicated to the advancement of education and research in the discipline of international relations and related fields such as peace and conflict resolution, environmental issues, international law, and area studies.

It seeks to provide its students with the knowledge, analytical skills as well as the professional competence required to undertake careers in intergovermental organizations, NGOs, diplomacy, governmental agencies, private corporations, media, journalism, teaching, research, and all professional areas requiring interaction with other countries.

It is committed to providing mutiple perspectives on the topics addressed in order to foster critical thinking as well as understanding and tolerance.

It wishes to encourage peaceful approaches to conflict resolution.

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Certificate in NGO Management

One-year Part-time Program

Courses co-taught by the France Director of Human Rights Watch

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Laura-Lee Smith USA
M.A., School of International Relations
Class of 2009

quote leftAs citizens of the world community, AGSers share a deep will to improve international state of affairs. This drive for change translates into prescriptive discussion between students and teachers, not simply criticism. I most admire this quality about AGS and know that because we have the will to improve the system, we are the way for change.quote right

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