AGS International Graduate Student Conference

Every year, the American Graduate School in Paris hosts an conference on a specific theme of international relations, organized by graduate students enrolled in its International Relations and Diplomacy programs under the faculty supervision of Professor Ruchi Anand.

The AGS International Graduate Student Conference is open to Master and Ph.D. students from around the world, as well as scholars, researchers and professionals from think tanks, NGOs, Intergovernmental Organizations, governmental agencies, and research centers.

Each annual edition focuses on a different theme of International Relations.

Through information, debate, and dialogue, this AGS International Graduate Student Conference offers a platform for exchanges of ideas on a broad range of issues and challenges related to international relations. The aims to contribute innovative approaches to the advancement of that field.

Conference 2018
Refugee Politics in International Relations

27 April 2018 in Paris

This conference hopes to bring together inquisitive graduate students and scholars as well as practitioners from NGOs, government agencies and intergovernmental organizations to review, assess, and challenge the notions of displacement in today’s international arena. It seeks to expand the discourse on the political, economic and social implications of migration as nations reexamine policies in response to these crises, as well as further our understanding of the various causes and drivers of displacement. It will look at the issue of refugees in relation to such aspects as conflict, international law, security, identity, and feminism, among other topics.

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Previous editions

In the previous years, conferences have covered the following themes:

Identity and Gender Politics within International Relations

The Roles and Challenges of Diplomacy in the 21st Century: Inclusion and Exclusion in a Globalized World

The Politics of Disaster: The Mitigation, Management, and International Response to Environmental Crises

Evolving Borders: Identity and Affiliation in a Volatile International Landscape

Democracy in the 21st Century: Relevant, Redundant or Risk?

Searching Beyond the State: Intercultural Dialogue and Alternative Approaches to International Politics

Current Challenges and Future Trends in International Security

Order and Disorder in a Changing World

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