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The American Graduate School in Paris (AGS) offers U.S. higher education in France to students from around the world.

It has two schools: the School of International Relations and Diplomacy, and the School of Business and Economics.

While maintaining the highest academic standards, both schools focus on giving individual attention to every student, and providing them with a multi-cultural experience in and out of the classroom.

AGS was created with the vision of providing a high quality education in the fields of international relations and diplomacy as well as business and economics to an international population of students and professionals. AGS seeks to promote the complementarities between these two disciplines so as to give its students - future actors in the international community - a global approach to the world affairs.

AGS operates under the United States educational system and is registered in France as a Private Institution of Higher Education. It offers programs with an American style of teaching while taking advantage of the cultural and academic resources of Paris and France. All courses are taught in English; no knowledge of the French language is required for admission. Students enrolled in the school have the opportunity to learn French along with the program.

Individual attention

Classes at AGS are small in order to allow for individual attention and close student-professor interaction. The AGS faculty as well as the administration knows every student and is dedicated to ensuring for each one a successful experience in Paris and in the program.

Multi-cultural experience

The faculty and the student body are drawn from many countries on all continents, providing a multiple perspective on the disciplines taught, an international classroom environment, and fostering what is at the very heart of the AGS mission: cultural diversity and exchange.

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Ruchi Anand India
Associate Professor
School of International Relations

quote leftThe 'AGS experience' is about travelling through various places, spaces, contexts, perspectives, theories, approaches and ideas, colored in different nationalities, accents, cultures and identities, all at one place. The AGS corridors may be short but they are wide if you let your minds roam free.quote right

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