Enrollment Status

To be eligible for the Federal William D. Ford Direct Loan Program , students must be full time or at least half-time in an eligible program. The same rule will be extended to private loans.


Enrollment status at AGSIRD

Full time at AGSIRD is defined as at least 4 courses per semester, including the directed reading and thesis seminars. Thesis homework (research, writing up) is counted as one course-equivalent per semester in the second and third year, provided the student stays and incurs living expenses in France. Here is a chart summarizing the student's status as it is reported for student loans :

First year

(or second or third year with no thesis work)

Number of courses in semester

Status for student loans


Full time



At least half time



Less than half time


Second or third year with thesis work

Number of courses in semester

Status for student loans

5 + 1 equivalent

Full time

4 + 1 equivalent

3 + 1 equivalent

2 + 1 equivalent

At least half time

1 + 1 equivalent

0 + 1 equivalent

Less than half time

Note: The dual program with Université Paris Sud 11, LL.M. preparatory courses or French language courses at Alliance Française do not count as course equivalents since these programs or institutions are not eligible for Federal Student Loans.


Enrollment status at AGSBE

A student taking the full one-year program is considered as full time. For more details, please contact the financial aid officer.

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