Housing Options for AGS Students

All AGS courses are held in Paris. Therefore, it is necessary to reside in or near Paris during the course of your program.

While you are responsible for finding your own accommodation, we are available to provide options and guidance during your search.

The typical AGS students' housing experience consists of a small individual studio within Paris, allowing you to live like a real Parisian and enjoy all that the city has to offer. Depending on your budget and the type of experience that you are looking for, you may also consider other options such as shared residence with other students, homestay with a French family, or a less expensive studio in one of the close suburbs.

In all cases, we recommend securing a temporary solution prior to your arrival and looking for a permanent place once you are on site.

These various options are detailed below. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at housing@ags.edu.

Securing housing prior to your arrival in Paris

We work with a study abroad accommodations provider named Comforts of Home, which offers short-term as well as long term options. As an AGS student, you may contact them to book a temporary place to stay, or opt for permanent housing through their services.

They portfolio includes newly furnished appartments in Paris, each housing two to eight students in single or shared bedrooms. These options come with additional services such as maintenance and 24/7 emergency contact.

You may contact them through this link; please specify that you are an AGS student as they only work with partner institutions.

Finding a permanent place to stay throughout your program

Individual Apartment or Studio Apartment

There is a wide choice of furnished (or unfurnished) rentals in Paris. We have indicated below some reliable resources; there are many others, and we are available to help you to make sure that you are looking at valid ads.

Depending on standing, size, and location, you should expect to pay between 600 Euros and 1,000 Euros per month for a furnished studio apartment within the city of Paris. Prices are less expensive if you are willing to stay in a suburb. We then recommend choosing a suburb that is accessible by metro, which makes the commute to school easy.

Contracts are typically for one year. However, you only have to pay by the month and are free to leave anytime with a one-month notice delay (however, the landlord cannot ask you to leave until the end of your lease).

Upon signing your contract, you will have to pay for one month' rent and a refundable security deposit equivalent to the same amount, which should be returned to you upon departure if no damages were done in the appartments. If you rent through an agency, you will also have to pay for an agency fee, which (by law) should be no higher than 15 Euros per square meter (as an exemple, for a 20 sq.m studio appartment, you will have to pay 300 Euros).

Some useful resources:

Lodgis (website in English): short-term and long-term rentals

New York Habitat (website in English): short-term and long-term rentals

www.seloger.com (website in French): long-term rentals. Centralized listing of ads from many real estate agencies, allowing you to do a global search rather than contacting each agency individually.

www.locservice.fr (website in French) Long-term rentals. You pay a one-time flat of approximately 15 Euros to have access to their listings and counseling services.

www.pap.fr (website in French): lists of classified ads placed directly by landlords. No finder's fee.

Shared Accommodation

Renting an apartment with a roommate may be less expensive and enhance your social experience in Paris. If you opt for this solution, several options are available.

Option 1: Our study abroad accommodations provider Comforts of Home offers long-term shared rentals. 

Option 2: AGS can connect you with other AGS students who would like to share an appartment. The appartment search process is then the same as for individual accommodation as detailed above. Expect an overall monthly rent of 1,000 Euros to 1,500 Euros for a one- or two-bedroom apartment, to be split with your co-tenant.

Option 3: You may look for a potential co-tenant through one of the following specialized platforms that connect students in similar situations.

www.appartager.com (website in English)

www.recherche-colocation.com (website in French)

www.easycoloc.com (website in French)

Student Residence Halls:

There are a number of student residence halls around Paris.

Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris) provides inexpensive, long-term accommodation. It is located in the South of Paris and comprises 37 residential halls housing 5,000 international students. Students usually stay in a room or apartment in their own national house, if available. For example, priority would be given at the Maison des États-Unis (American House) to American nationals. Accommodations vary from house to house. Some rooms have their own showers and toilets while others have shared bathrooms. Prices run from 450 Euros per month. Note that there is a very high demand so it is important to start the process several months in advance.

Click here to access the Cité Universitaire Internationale de Paris website


You may rent a room within a house or apartment and stay with a French resident family. This enhances the immersion in French language and culture and creates opportunities for exchanges. Breakfast and dinner may or may not be included. Prices vary depending on the conditions. It is sometimes possible to waive part of the monthly rent in turn for baby-sitting work.

Paris Homestay (website in English)

Homestay in Paris (website in English)

Le Pari Solidaire (website in French): this is a nonprofit association connecting young people looking for housing with elderly people looking for company. Prices are usually less expensive, and an emphasis is placed on intergenerational ties.

For more information on housing, please contact us at housing@ags.edu

Note: The third-party websites indicated on this page are for your information. The American Graduate School is not responsible for the content of those websites. 

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