M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy

The US-accredited Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy at AGS provides students with the knowledge, skills, and contacts to pursue a career in a large range of branches of international affairs, including intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, government, diplomacy, international business, journalism, and academia.

It is a two-year program, and can also be undertaken part-time or on an 18-month accelerated track (more information on these various options here).

Courses are taught entirely in English, in Paris, France; no knowledge of French language is required to enrol. As an option, students may spend one semester in the United States (more information here).

A unique aspect of this international affairs program is its international character. The French setting of the school, the American educational process, and the multi-cultural classroom environment at AGS all combine to enhance the international experience of students. Furthermore, as a host to the headquarters of many intergovernmental organizations, NGOs and international corporations, Paris offers a perfect stage to study international relations.

The program combines an academic with a professional approach. This is reflected in the curriculum and in the faculty teaching in the program, which is comprised of both scholars and practicing professionals (diplomats, journalists, lawyers, economists).

Graduates of this international relations masters program are awarded a Master's degree accredited in the United States by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, as an affiliated program of Arcadia University).

As an option, students may choose one of two area studies concentrations and earn a Certificate of Concentration in African Studies or Middle Eastern Studies along with their Master's degree. (more information here).

M.A. students may also opt for one of the double-degree programs and obtain a second Master's degree in addition to the M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy: Europe-accredited Master in Strategic Negociation or Europe-accredited Master in French and European Union Law.

Degree Requirements

In order to graduate with AGS's Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy, students must meet the following requirements:


The Master of International Relations and Diplomacy curriculum has a multi-disciplinary scope. Required courses cover the core disciplines of international relations, political science, economics, international law, international organizations, and diplomacy; a broad range of electives is available to explore other areas of international affairs. Reinforcing the hands-on approach, AGS encourages students to do credit-bearing internships as part of their electives (more information on internships here).

Along with the International Relations and Diplomacy coursework, students have the option to take French language courses and receive a diploma of French language studies (DELF) recognized in Europe (more information here).

In order to graduate students in this program are required to take:

  • Five required courses

  • Seven elective courses (of which two must be area courses)

  • Two thesis seminars

See the list of courses below (please click on each link to get the course description.)

Required Courses

IRD-R-580 : Factors and Theories of Analysis in International Relations and Diplomacy

IRD-R-581 : Research Methodology and Design

IRD-R-682 : Foreign Policy Formulation and Diplomacy

IRD-R-583 : International Public Law

IRD-R-684 : Current Economic Problems and Policies

Elective Courses

IRD-E-621 : Current Issues in International Relations and Diplomacy

IRD-E-622 : International Organizations

IRD-E-601 : Theory and Origins of Global Conflict

IRD-E-602 : Strategy and Conflict Resolution

IRD-E-603 : Cultural Development and Awareness

IRD-E-501: Geopolitics

IRD-E-502: Geopolitics of Religion

IRD-E-504 : Global Communications, Media and International Affairs

IRD-E-605 : International Trade, Banking and Finance

IRD-E-507 : Principles of Economics

IRD-E-508 : Beginnings of the Contemporary Political Order

IRD-E-509 : Anthropology and Politics

IRD-E-610 : Post-Modernity and International Relations and Diplomacy

IRD-E-611 : Comparative Politics

IRD-E-514 : International Environmental Politics

IRD-E-616 : Extreme Crisis Situations: Terrorism, Government and Media

IRD-E-617: Gender, Militarization and War

IRD-E-618 : NGOs: An International Perspective

IRD-E-619 : NGOs: Principles and Management

IRD-E-620 : Diplomacy and International Law

IRD-E-699 : Internship

Elective Area Courses

IRD-EA-613 : Issues in U.S. Foreign Policy

IRD-EA-630: A History of the Modern Middle-East

IRD-EA-631: Conflict in the Modern Middle-East

IRD-EA-640 : Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa

IRD-EA-641: The Scramble for African Resources

IRD-EA-650 : Central and South America

IRD-EA-660 : South Asia: Geopolitical Developments Since WWII

IRD-EA-661 : East Asia: Geopolitical Developments Since WWII

IRD-EA-670 : European Foreign Policies

IRD-EA-671 : The European Union and the World

IRD-EA-672 : Russian Politics

Thesis Seminars

IRD-T-690 : Research and Proposal Tutorial

IRD-T-691 : Thesis and Defense Tutorial

Optional Semester in the U.S.

Arcadia University Campus, Philadelphia

Full-time students in the Master of International Relations and Diplomacy at AGS have the option to spend one of the four semesters of the program in the United States, at AGS's partner institution Arcadia University in (Glenside, Pennsylvania).

Students who choose this option take courses in the International Peace and Conflict Resolution program as a replacement for some of the courses in the AGS curriculum.

No additional tuition fee is charged for this option.

More information here

Optional Certificate of Concentration

International affairs master's students may specialize in one of the following areas and obtain, in addition to their M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy, a Certificate of Concentration in their specialized field:

In addition to the requirements for the Master’s degree, students must meet the following specific requirements to obtain a Certificate of Concentration:

  • Take two courses in the chosen area of concentration within their curriculum

  • Complete the specific reading list provided, under the supervision of the Concentration supervisor

  • Pass a comprehensive exam on the subject

  • Write their Master’s thesis on a topic related to the area of concentration

  • Although not a requirement, students are encouraged to do an internship in their area of concentration

Additionally, extracurricular meetings, events and visits around the topic will be organized.

These two concentrations are compatible with other options offered in the Master of International Relations and Diplomacy at AGS, such as the dual programs) and the possibility to spend one semester in the United States.

Program duration and sequencing

The M.A. of International Relations and Diplomacy program is a two-year program. Students typically take four courses every semester in their first year, and three courses every semester in their second year in order to have more time to conduct the research and writing of the final Master thesis.

Alternatively, it is possible to complete this program in 18 months, on an accelerated, more intensive track. Students who choose this option typically take five courses every semester in their first year, and four courses in their last semester.

The M.A. program may also be taken part-time. This is particularly suitable for professionals who wish to integrate the program into their work schedule. Scheduling may be arranged according to each student's particular constraints.


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The M.A. in International Relations program is fully accredited in the U.S.:

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