• Conference 2017: Non-Western Perspectives in International Relations
American education, French setting, and international experience

Located in the center of Paris, the American Graduate School in Paris (AGS) offers US higher education programs, taught in English, to students from around the world. AGS specializes in international relations, diplomacy, and related areas, leading to a broad range of careers in international affairs, from government to intergovernmental organizations, to NGOs and the private sector. AGS concentrates all of the qualities of a top rate education in an intimate learning environment.


1. Specific expertise in International Affairs

2. Privileged exposure to the international scene in Paris

3. World-class international faculty

4. Multicultural school environment

5. Personalized attention to students

6. Dedicated student housing in Paris

7. Solid foundation and guidance for a successful international career

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12th AGS Student Conference

21 April 2016, Paris

Off the Beaten Path:
Non-Western Perspectives
in International Relations

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