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One-year International MBA (Master of Business Administration)

The Arcadia International MBA at the American Graduate School in Paris features five key components to prepare students for successful careers in business, government, or international organizations.

The Arcadia International MBA at AGS incorporates an international experience:

As part of the program, students have the opportunity to go on a one-week educational trip to the United States, or join students from the Arcadia on-campus MBA program on a trip to a developed or developing country. Exemples of destinations include China, Singapore and Vietnam.

As an alternative option, international students may choose to complete their business experiential learning in France.

The Arcadia International MBA at AGS focuses on the challenges of the current international marketplace:

It addresses the most contemporaneous questions posed by globalization.
It prepares students to act in and interact with multi-cultural environments.

The Arcadia International MBA at AGS is geared towards career building:

It adopts a hands-on approach, including visits and meetings with executives of the most successful international corporations.
It teaches the best and most recent techniques of management, planning and decision-making, and studies major international corporations as illustrative models.

The Arcadia International MBA at AGS teaches responsible decision-making:

It sensitizes students to the challenges of sustainable development, social solidarity and ethical business.

The Arcadia International MBA at AGS takes advantage of its location in Paris, at the heart of the European Union:

E.U. and OECD economists and business policy makers participate in the program as teachers and guest speakers.
Students have the opportunity to go on optional visits to the E.U. Commission in Brussels and the OECD in Paris, and meet with delegates and staff.
The European setting of the program makes it possible for students to better apprehend the notion of Europe as a political, economic and social entity.


The Arcadia International MBA at AGS is a one-year program featuring a comprehensive curriculum taught on an intensive basis.

It follows a modular model. It includes ten courses, each taught over one month, with classroom time being on evenings and weekends in order to accommodate the constraints of working professionals. Each course consists of:

  • 36 hours of face to face lectures taught over two weekends in order to accommodate working professionals' schedules

  • Four days of office hours for possible tutoring and advising by the course instructor

  • An online course complement through a blackboard platform, with resource materials to prepare and support lectures as well as close online tutoring by the course instructor. The online course complement begins one week prior to the start of the course and follows for two weeks after the face-to-face part of the course has been completed.

Classes are small, allowing for a supportive environment where professors provide close attention to each student.

One course is conducted every month (except August and September) over a ten-day period, according to the following schedule format.


















3 hrs

7.5 hrs

7.5 hrs

3 hrs

7.5 hrs

7.5 hrs


All courses are required

  • BA680: Corporate Finance

  • BA 600: Leadership for Effective Organizations

  • BA530: Global Issues of Social Responsibility and Law

  • BA 640: Operations and Technology

  • BA560: Managing in the Global Workforce

  • BA620: Managerial Economics

  • BA580: Shareholder Value Management

  • BA540: Multinational Marketing

  • BA670D: International Experience

  • BA695: Global Strategic Management (capstone course)


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