Campus France Instructions

In many countries, including the US, the consulates will also ask students to register with the Campus France agency in order to apply for their visa. The place to go for visas is here.

US students can go directly here, then:

  • Click on "Registration" and register

  • Once you are registered and have a password, log in

  • Under "Welcome", click on "Where can I find help filling out the online application" and download the CampusGuide

  • Follow the instructions for "Study abroad students". This simply means that you are already enrolled in a program and allows you to bypass a number of steps

  • Under "my file" click on "Campus France form" and fill in the application form

  • The form is in 3 parts: "Education", "Linguistic skills", and "Goals" (most of the information required under these sections may seem redundant for students who have already completed their application process and enrolled at AGS but please understand that this website was created by the French administration in order to help students who are looking for a program in a French university)

  • Under "Goals", do not feel obliged to answer in great detail as long as you make sure to fill in each of the required fields (we suggest that you mention that you are already enrolled in the American Graduate School in Paris)

  • Validate the form

  • You can then ignore the "My procedure" steps, also called "Manage your steps". Your form is now complete

  • Go straight to the next step which is send a money order (please note that Campus France does not accept any other methods of payment) for USD 140, written out to Maison française CampusFrance, with your Campus France ID, and join a copy of your AGS acceptance letter, to the French Embassy (see address on CampusGuide)

  • You will receive a confirmation email through your CampusFrance page within two weeks

  • After which you can contact the French Consulate to get your visa appointment. The CampusFrance confirmation will be required for this appointment as well as other documents listed on the website of the French Consulate.

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