Sallie Mae Loans (US and Canada)

US and Canadian students are eligible for private loans from various sources, of which our main partner Sallie Mae. These loans are an alternative to GradPlus loans in order to cover the difference between the total cost of attendance and all other aid already obtained.

This page describes the Sallie Mae Smart Option student loans.
See more information here.

How much can I borrow ?

You can borrow up to the full cost of attendance for the program in which are enrolled at AGS, minus any other financial aid received, including federal loans. This cost of attendance is estimated and set by the school. Please see cost of attendance for the two-year M.A. program here. For the one-year IMBA cost of attendance, please contact our financial aid officer.

Please do not start the loan application process until you are officially enrolled at AGS.

How do I apply ?

1. Fill an application online on Sallie Mae's website

Complete the application on-line at You may need to submit proof of income and other documentation.

Applicants will generally need a credit-worthy co-signer. Co-signers must have an established satisfactory credit history, be employed with sufficient income to meet current liabilities, and a stable residency and employment history.

Make sure not to request a loan amount greater than the cost of attendance.

2. Inform AGS

Once you've completed the above steps and your loan has been pre-approved, AGS will be informed by Sallie Mae in order to certify your loan. Please inform us when you have applied for a loan so that we can follow up on our side.

3. AGS will certify your loan online

As soon as we have been notified, we will certify your loan online. Please note that if there are any mistakes in the dates, status or amount you have entered, we will make the necessary corrections as we certify the loan.

We will inform you after the loan has been certify.

4. Disbursement

You can request one or several disbursements. The disbursement checks will be sent to AGS and applied to your student account with an approximate Euro-value, which will be adjusted to the exact amount as soon as the check is actually cleared, which can take a few weeks.

If this amount and other funds applied to your account exceed your tuition, AGS will disburse this excess amount to you immediately. However no disbursement will be made to new students before the start of classes.

Interest, grace period, repayment options

You will find all information and will be able to track your loan through repayment on Opennet.

Note: Sallie Mae also offers Graduate Plus loans. Please see the Sallie Mae website for more information.

Please note the Sallie Mae school lender code: 802218.

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