Prof. Steve McGiffen Talks on Climate Change at Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

steve_mcgiffen.jpgAt the invitation of the Climate Change Network of the UK's Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association, Professor McGiffen addressed a conference at Sheffield Hallam University on September 7th. The conference was the third in a series of events entitled Shared Solidarities. This one was on 'Framing Catastrophe' and looked at the threats of nuclear war on the one hand, and climate change on the other. Dr McGiffen spoke on the latter.

Professor McGiffen says: "I explained the concept of the Anthropocene, which I'll also be doing at the AGS Wine and Cheese event on 28th September, but I also spoke on the climate change policies of three newly emerged – or revitalised in the case of the British Labour Party – progressive movements under Mélenchon, Corbyn and Sanders.

"As well as my work as a professor, I am a former environmental advisor to the European Parliament United Left Group, followed this issue closely then and have done ever since. Climate change as a subject of academic study perfectly suits my interdisciplinary background – I've taught history as well as international relations – and long-standing lay interest in science.

Climate change is not simply an issue in itself, but is central to such pressing international questions as the avoidance of war, the huge exodus of people from the Middle East, Asia and Africa into Europe, and the destructive power of corporate capital and its friends in high places. "  

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